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I am an affiliated conservative Jew. I realize that observing the kosher laws would be a good thing for me to do. Nevertheless, If I am not kosher, does this invalidate the Birchat (grace after meals). If not being kosher invalidates a blessing over food, does not riding in a car to Shabbat services invalidate my participation in the service. Perhaps it would be better not to do things halfway. Better not to do them at all? Do you agree? Thanks Bill

I am in the process of converting to judaism and I want to make my kitchen kosher. However, I am confused as to how to go about it. Are there any resources for setting up a kosher house?

on the 30th day after your first born son there is a ceremony. What is is called and what other information can you point me towards. Thanks. About me: Ruth Lerner, I am a jewish Long Islander and not practicing. I would like to find a book to add some interesting practices in my life. I plan on getting married in the next year ( I am living with my fiance'), and we do not do anything extra. We celebrate the holidays with our families, and go to cynagague during the holidays (he goes reluctantly). We are not kosher and do not plan on changing.

where can i get ahold of the birchat hamazon in full without having to order a pamphlet?

A question of Kashrut: There is a McCormick product available called Bac'n. It is made of soy and vegetable products. It is marked with an O U but the label says 'bacon flavored'. Is this something appropriate to eat for someone who keeps biblically kosher? (No pork or other trafe products, no dairy and meat together)


I am trying to say Shacharis each morining (alone) before going to work. I have an Art Scroll Siddur and a Birnbaum. My Hebrew is a little slow, and it would take me perhaps hours to recite the 181 pages of Shacharis in the Art Scroll (even skipping those passages reserved for a minyan). How might I find a guide for what ought to be said, and what could be left out? Similarly are there certain passages I could read in English to facilitate speed and others that are better read in Hebrew?

I would like to know which prayers, specifically, a woman says on a daily basis. Not including brachot over various foods, etc. I have an Art Scroll (Ashkenazi), and it is not clear to me exactly which prayers I am to say each day. I appreciate your guidence.

Is there a prayer that I can say for someone sick?

I often attend weekday evening minyanim. I cannot attend morning minyan and wonder exactly which prayers to include if I want to daven by myself at home in the morning. Irene Stern Friedman

Judaism has a blessing for almost every event in you know of a "pocket book" of Blessings? Also, are there any good prayer books other than the siddurs? Thanks.


How is the mizzuzah mountes on the door frame? Which side of the door and leaning in which manner?

I would like to place a mezzuzah on the entrance to my house. What are the proper procedures to follow, and where can I find the prayers (I assume there are specific ones) in transliteration?

Is there a specific prayer and ritual that is appropriate for posting a "Mezuzah" on a door post?

I would like to find an electronic copy of the writings in the Mezzuzah with and without nikud and an English translation (Don't want transliteration). About me: Alan McDonley - Investigating "Does G-d Exist", "Can I be Jewish if I don't know if G-d Exists", "What do Jews think, believe and do", "Is it worth converting (to me, to G-d) if I am not willing to commit to Orthodox halacha". I am a 46 year old male, happily newlywed to a beautiful Israeli woman.


What is the history of challa?

Why do women have to wear dresses in orthadox synagogs? Are they allowed to wear anything other than dresses?

how to pray

Does anybody have instructions on how to build a simple Sukkah. I am a Religious Studies teacher in a secondary school in England and would like to build a Sukkah with the children.

what are the various customs concerning hair?

I would like to know why we don't cut a baby boy's hair until his third birthday ?

what are the various customs concerning hair?

Can Jews have baby showers or is it bad luck or superstitious?

I recently read an article in Cosmopolitan Magazine regarding the proper behavior of a Jew upon visiting a Church. The article suggested following the congregation. While I agree with this relative to sitting and standing - I take exception to it relative to kneeling. I would like to respond back with a letter to the editor - however, I would like to be able to reference my letter with technical support. Please let me know what the origin is of the prohibition against kneeling. I believe it is rooted in the idol worship of our forefathers and our requirement to worship no other g-ds.

What are the times of the year (between which holidays or observences) is it NOT allowed to have a wedding?

Are there any "work-books" you can recommend for Torah study? I somehow always find it very helful to have "assignments" or guidlines when studying. Thank you

Why must there be an eight day waiting period before performing a bris? My neice had her son circumsized in the hospital right asfter the birth. Her mother wants to have the religious ceremony for the bris. Is it acceptable to go through with the ceremony?

I am preparing or my Bar Mitzvah. I am trying to come up with a lsit of Jewish Charities that I can give everyone who attends. Are there any lists available?

If my grandmothers mother was a jew, am I then a jew? Can a jew according to the rules eat meat on fridays?

The custom of women wearing veils?

Is ther a web site that I could just get the transliterations of prayers at?

The Torah states that pregnant women are not allowed to fast on Yom Kippur. What about nursing women? Is the age of the child considered?

Death & Mourning

Tell me about specific burial rituals. Is there a prohibition against using metal in the casket?

What is the exact halachic reason of burying a cremated body? Judaism is against cremation, although there are some rabbis, who allows to bury a cremated body. I would like to know the reasons of allowing and forbidding it. Thank You very much.

burial practices







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