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For my homework I need to find out about the history of the synagogue. As a non-Jew I have no idea of where to start? Could you give me some guidance please?

Hi ! My religion class is studying Judaism. Everyone was assigned a term, and I happened to get Shabbat. I understand, it is a day of revelation, and resting( and how God rested on the seventh day of creation), and a day of many prayers, but I don't know much more. I was wondering if you could tell me about who,why, how and where it orginated from. If you would kindly, I would very much appreciate it.

my name is br luke anthony,bsg
a religious brother in the episcopal church.

i am leading a bible study on exodus and we have gotten to point where God is explaining how the temple, altar etc are to be created and setup. a question my group had, when the temple at jerusalem was destroyed,why was it not rebuilt.... and if God wanted ritual sacrifices to be done.. then why are there not any being done now? would appreciate any response you may give
br luke anthony,bsg

What is barmitsfa? What are the types of foods that Jedwish people eat, and what foods do they not eat? What are some of the religious experinces as well as phenomenological methods in the Jewish Practice?

I am curious as to how the synagogue worship is: Is it basically reading of prayers and liturgy I now know that men and women are separated. How does it compare to the Christian worship service?

I am a non-Jew and I would like to know what the signs or symbols on one edge of the prayer shawl mean, also, do they signify anything special with regard to prayer? As the Lay Leader of my church, I lead a class on the Bible and during discussions certain aspects of Jewish ritual are asked to be explained. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you.

What is the Jewish view on Christ?

When all Jews go to Israel to live, will the world cease to exist as it is now and what will happen to all the Christians

I would like to receive the text of the Kaddish Prayer. Could you send that to me? Thanks. Joop Loeber, Achterweg 17, 2103 SW Heemstede Yhe Netherlands.





hello,i am awaiting my interview with the bet din to convert to reform judaism what should i expect? also, are there any good books you could recommend for me to read to get a good solid grasp of judaism? thanks and hag samach

I am in the very early stages of converting to Judaism ... my question is about attending services. Are there particular services (especially shabbat services) that it is inappropriate for a future convert to attend? I.E. those that are only for attendance by those who are already memebers of the community. I truly enjoy attending shabbat services but have been limiting how often I go for fear of showing up at one I dont "belong" at - any advice would be appreciated.

My father is jewish. I am now 42-years-old and an devout Roman Catholic. I have 6 children and I would like for them to be exposed to their Jewish heritage. I would like to take them to High Services this week. I have not been to High Services since I was in College and wouldn't know how to get invited and participate.

The books of Moses describe sacrifices of livestock, produce and wine made at the Temple. Why don't Jews practice sacrifice now? Is it because there's no great central Temple? If there ever is one again, will sacrifice be reinstituted there? In the absense of such a sin-cleansing ritual, what is the mechanism by which a modern Jew can have the dirt of sin removed? Thanks for your response.

where can I find a list of names and know where to find the place talked about in the christian Bible- and a list of names used but translated in meanings in english? What I want is to understand old testament through jewish eyes but for me a christian to know what you are about when you use your names!

I am doing study on 1st century jewish synagogue worship. I am aware that they read from the law and the prophets. Are there any lectionaries available either historical or currently used? Also, is the book of Samuel considered law or prophets?

I would like a copy of the Shemoneh Esrei in english

Our pastor in a Christian Church(Disciples) mentioned the synagogue services at the time of Jesus of Nazareth (year 25CE) as containing the "eighteen benedictions." Could you clarify what these might have been?



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