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What does it mean?

Can you please tell me the meaning and history of the word "daven:

Can you tell me why many of the Jewish synagogues carry a name ending in "el", and what exactly is the significance of the letters/word el?

What is Jewish liturgy and worship rights?

Where can I find information regarding the meaning of the prayers in the Shabbat Morning Service? I know the English translations. I am looking for commentary, questions, explanations etc. for what the prayers mean on a theological basis and why/how the prayers were chosen.

Women and Jewish Tradition

I never received a bat mitzvah as a child.  In fact I never had any religious training at all, even though both my parents are Jewish.  Now that I'm in my 20's, I'm reclaiming my tradition, and have just joined a shul.  My question is, since I never had a bat mitzvah, can I go up to the bima?  Can I wear a tallit (the older women of my congeregation all do)?  Are there certain things I cannot participate in because I didn't have a bat mitzvah?  Also, I would like to become more familiar with the traditional Shabbot songs etc...  Do you know of any tapes?  Thank you very much

What is the position or function of women in the Orthodox Jewish Synagogue and what is the educational level of those women?

I will be attending an orthodox synagogue for the first time soon. Since I am unmarried, but in my mid-thirties, should I wear a head covering?  If so should my hair be completely covered?  Thank you for your help.

I will be attending an orthodox synagogue for the first time soon. Since I am unmarried, but in my mid-thirties, should I wear a head covering?  If so should my hair be completely covered?  Thank you for your help.

What Halachic support is there for counting women for purposes of the daily minyan?

Where can I find?

Our Congregation is looking for a Torah.  We have a small Torah fund.  WHERE MIGHT WE PURCHASE ONE?

I'm trying to locate a copy of the full Sh'ma in Hebrew online. Where might I get a copy?

Where can I learn a specific Torah portion (for a Bar Mitzvah) on-line? I have a son with learning disabilities that is much better able to concentrate on a computer screen than on a book.

Do you have a transliterated Amidah?

How can I get a copy of the "COL NI DREI' in the English laguage right now?

How/where can I get information on pronunciation of the Shabbat prayers on the web?

Where can I purchase a LARGE PRINT copy of The New Union Prayer Book entitled For the Days of Awe, Chaim Stern, editor?

I'm not certain from reading your website material how to obtain a hard copy of the transliterated siddur. Please respond to Thanks!

Hello, I'm wondering if there is a book which will help me learn to daven Mincha. In other words, the actual passages to read, a well as when to bow, how to bow, etc.

Our son is about to have his bar mitzvah and while we are Orthodox, much of our family is not. We are afraid that they will feel lost during the davening. Can you help us with a summary of the Shabbat service and an explanation of the tradition of bar mitzvah? Thanks. I see on the web that you have written a book that seems appropriate but I can't find it in my community and have only two weeks until the bar mitzvah to get this done.

2 Years ago when we were in Israel I bought a small Shofar. I would like to learn to blow it. Is there any place on the web where I can get instructions?



Liturgical Text and Synagogue Ritual

In the Ashrei prayer, why is the letter NUN left out of the acrostic pattern?

Why do we continue to celebrate two days of Chag?  Halachah states that it is a sin to make a unnecessary bracha,yet we state the bracha for festivals in the amidah on a day that we are fully aware is not the festival.  For example, we know June 12th was not *really* Shavuot.  I understand the history for 2-day chaggim, but that reason isn't valid anymore.  Shavuot is a one-day festival according to the Torah.  We have conciously made it a two day festival.

Do you know what is the Hebrew name for the hand gesture (the two thumbs touching, the index fingers also touching, with the index and middle held together separated from the ring and little finger, also held together)?  I heard Leonard Nimoy say they got the idea of the Vulcan salute from this gesture, used in orthodox circles. Other people say it's the blessing for the congregation which only the high priest can do.  A friend from Tureky says it's a kabbalistic blessing...   Any idea?

In talking to a number of friends the other day I was intrigued by the concept of the Minyan. As I understand it it's a form of community prayer conducted by at least ten people (sometimes women are allowed to participate and sometimes individuals close to their Bar/Bat Mitzvah can be included). What no-one knew was why 10 is the minimum number as against 8 or 12. Does 10 have mystical significance? -- or is it related to the structure of the various prayers that are used?

I've just started attending an Orthodox shul rather than a Conservative one, and I noticed double sinks and wash cups by the entrance to the worship area (what IS the right word for that?). Why? And what's the appropriate blessing?

What are some of the rituals performed at a Reformed Jewish service?

When does one bow during the Amidah? Is this done both during the silent Amidah and the repetition? What is the proper way to bow at the end of the Reader's Kaddish?

the jewish holiday "Rosh Kaddish" i thought meant that it meant "the head of the year" but i would like to get an answer in order for me to write my Bar-Mitzvah speech. I am celebrating it at the southern wall and i need the answer if possible now!!!!!!!!!

what are the origins of the ashrei and the hatzi kaddish? and can you compare them?

What is the origin of the Shabbat morning service and the individual prayers in it? How did the service develop and become established?

I have seen Rabbi's bow 3 times during the Amidah. Why is this done. Should'nt it only be 2 times?

A couple of questions:
1. In our minyan, we recite aloud the following:
Y'hei sh'mei ra-ba m'va-rach l'a-lam ul'al-mei al-ma-ya. [Yit-ba-rach]
Yit-ba-rach v'yish-ta-bach, v'yit-pa-ar v'yit-ro-mam
v'yit-ha-dar v'yit-a-leh v'yit-ha-lal,
sh'mei d'ku-d'sha, b'rich hu, (b'rich hu) .

1. Should we stop at "Yit-ba-rach," or is acceptable to continue until "b'richu?"
2. Is it acceptable/appropriate to read from a transliterate suddur during services?
3. During the Amidah, where is the part where you gently beat three times over your heart?
Thank you.  

What prayers are in the tefillin themselves, where is each of them from, and why were these particular prayers included?

According to Jewish Law, is it permissible for a Jew to carry a prayer shawl or Lulov & Etrog to synagogue on a Festival Yom Tov? I know it is not permissible on Shabbat. If there is an eruv (gate around the environs of the home and synagogue is it possibe to carry on Shabbat? Thanks Bill

Can you provide a description of synagogue worship from BCE times and a comparison to today's synagogue worshiop?

In assembling a Minyan, can you count the Torah as the "tenth man"? - Thank you

Why do you hit your heart when you do Ashamnu during Yom kippur?



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